Videos from conference

Day 1

Session A – From vision to reality

Journalen 10 years! (Maria Hägglund, Isabella Scandurra, Hanife Rexhepi)

(Sorry about sound issues)

Retrospective of development in Sweden (Moderated by Maria Hägglund, Isabella Scandurra, Hanife Rexhepi)

(Sorry about sound issues)

Launch of international network (Maria Hägglund, Anna Kharko, Charlotte Blease)

Keynote: A patient perspective of access to inline records in the UK: fragmented and confusing (Tessa Richards)

Session B: Patients’ online record access – opportunities and challenges

Estonia (Peeter Ross)

Germany (Yvonne Eisenmann)

UK (Brian McMillan)

Session C: Patient perspectives on healthcare and research

From lost in the system to empowered parent-researcher (Elin Salmiranta)

Towards a Culture of Equal Partnerships with Patients (Anna Clareborn)

Spetspatienter – How we can help improve healthcare and research (Sara Riggare)

Session D: Mental health and ethical challenges

Patients’ access to mental health records (Annika Bärkås & Julian Schwarz)

Ethical challenges raised by use of client-accessible records among adolescents (Janine Benjamins & Tessa Lolkema)

Panel discussion (Åsa Steinsaphir, Annika Bärkås, Julian Schwartz, Janine Benjamins, Tessa Lolkema)

Day 1 Closing keynote

Keynote: US perspective – OpenNotes: patients’ rights, data access, and policy (Catherine DesRoches)